We provide lead generation, systems, training and support – so you can focus on helping clients.

We Help Agents Around the Country Build Dominant Teams

ERS provides a variety of ways to partner with us or learn our systems, from Flat Rate Expansion and one-day intensive Team Building Workshops to our free weekly Team Building Podcast.

ERS Livestream

Our new flagship program allows agents and teams to partner together to build your ideal real estate business.

Team Building Workshops

Visit our flagship office and learn our systems and strategies so you can implement them yourself. Includes lifetime access to all our marketing materials, tracking tools and intellectual property.

Team Building Podcast

Learn more about team building through video interviews on culture, lead generation, recruiting, marketing service agreements, expansion and more.

Team Building Podcast – Latest Episodes

Overcoming the Pain of Expansion w/ Rich & Kathy Fettke

99% of residential real estate agents help other people buy houses, but don’t invest in real estate on their own. How can you start using your disposable income more effectively? How do you build your team, get the right people on the bus, and keep them happy? How do... read more

My 5 Biggest Mistakes Over the Last 10 Years

9 out of 10 entrepreneurs don’t have a plan for investing their disposable income in anything other than their own businesses. Why does this leave you at great risk when the market shifts? Why is finding the right people to leverage so important if you want to scale... read more

Building a $1 Billion Office w/Adam Roach

A lot of people think once they are producing $50 million, they need to start their own brokerage or franchise. How can this mindset actually steer you in the wrong way? How can you fine-tune recruitment to increase retention? How can you help employees align with... read more


Real Estate Tools & Services

If you’re looking to build a dominant real estate team in your market, we recommend the following tools and services.

Some are software tools, some are professional services, and they’re not right for every agent at every stage.

Many real estate companies give a referral fee, so in some cases following the links below will let these companies know that we referred you.


Real Estate Web Platform


Done-For-You Outbound Prospecting

Vyral Marketing

All-Inclusive Done-For-You Video Marketing


VA for Craigslist Ad Posting