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Motivation and accountability are the two keys to extracting excellence from a team, but how does management achieve this while showing that they value their employees? Andy Kueny discusses the methods and tactics he uses to nurture a culture of success, fulfillment and consistency.

A vision board has to have things that are attainable in the short term, otherwise it becomes a thing that’s never accomplished. – Andy Kueny

3 Takeaways

Creating subject matter experts and peer training gives team members part ownership of helping with team building.

Management can’t always do training, and that’s where peer training comes in. It’s management’s job to find the talent that will help in the training process.

Value Add = Retention

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We started the episode discussing the various tactics Andy’s team uses to encourage agent accountability and motivation. The team makes use of a Geckoboard to track team stats and averages. The dashboard also shows the team rankings from highest to lowest producing agent, and Andy noted the board’s built in motivation and how it aids agent accountability. With a breakdown of each agent’s goals for that month, Andy can see which agents he needs to reach out to. The built in motivation also has the benefit of built in, healthy peer competition. Each agent’s pace is set by the drive to rise to the top or stay ahead.

What Andy likes about this system is that management doesn’t have to set the competition – it’s something that develops between the peers and through the culture. “Nobody wants a gloom and doom slave driver, cracking the whip.”

Next, Andy delved into subject matter expert and peer training, another system his team uses to motivate agents. Each Friday the team come together for training and agents on the team who have shown expertise in a certain area get to be the coach for that day. Not only does this method give agents part ownership in the success of the team, it also encourages members to rise to expert level.

On the subject of one-on-one agent coaching we shared the importance of looking beyond the goal to find the true motivation or “the big why” and the need for breaking down larger goals into smaller, day-to-day victories.

We went on to discuss:

  • Growing the team through the recruiting efforts of agents on the staff
  • How agents create passive income
  • The true understanding of leverage
  • The personal touches that coaches can use to extract excellence from the team
  • Setting team goals
  • Growing as a coach

The secret to building a culture of consistent productivity for your team is the ability to facilitate healthy competition, encouraging employees to take ownership of the team’s performance; as well as understanding what’s important to each team member and using that in your interactions. This will carry way more weight than encouraging a “sell, sell, sell” culture.

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