How does a new Operations Manager handle the challenges of moving to a new CRM, training agents and implementing systems? On this episode we discussed this with Orlando-based manager Sahara Embry who provided her go-to tactics, training methods and an inside look at the day-to-day of her job.

Don’t try to create new systems, take old systems, make them better and grow with technology.
-Sahara Embry

3 Takeaways

Everyone is responsible for seller communication, at the end of the day you want the seller to feel like the whole team gave them great customer service.

The goal with training agents for leads is ironing out dialogue and converting as best as possible.

150 really good leads, that are ready to buy in 6 months is the sweet spot for each agent.

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This episode kicked off with Sahara giving a background into her career, how she began working in real estate and switched to the business building side of things. She also explained her team’s decision to move from FollowUp Boss to Boomtown. The move was motivated by the need for a CRM that didn’t just serve as a means to capture leads, but also had the ability to grow leads through PPC.

On the process of transferring leads to Boomtown, Sahara said each agent input their top 100 leads and then the rest went into one prospecting pool every agent has access to. The benefit of this method according to Kevin is narrowing things down so that agents can prospect at a much higher level.

Both Kevin and Sahara went on to share their training methods which included creating training videos for agents and using for people to watch Sahara working on the system. Next we tackled the question of hiccups in the process of transferring and training and then we discussed results and the stage at which you can expect to see them.

We also touched on:

  • Finding the sweet spot of leads per month to assign daily rotations and how that aids timeblocking
  • The sweet spot for each agent per month in relation to the number of leads that are manageable
  • Keeping in touch with clients at different stages of the transaction and who that role is assigned to on the team

Sahara shared the next project she’ll be working on, which will be a new transaction management system that will improve communication with sellers. Towards the end of the episode, Sahara and Kevin detailed what their average day looks like. Sahara tackles one project each week and has found that this focus makes her work faster. Kevin handles different tasks including spending time with the admin staff, discussing business and personal development, tracking stats for clients and onboarding new agents. We closed the chat discussing books that Kevin and Sahara have found to be influential in their work and lives.

Innovation happens as teams tweak and experiment with systems that are already in place. As Sahara puts it “Don’t try to create new systems, take old systems and make them better.” There’s a huge benefit to growing with the technology, putting your focus on one area per week and giving every part of your team the shared responsibility of providing excellent customer service.

Guest Bio

Sahara has been in Real Estate for almost 3 years. She is licensed in Alabama and Florida. After being an Agent for 2 years she decided to help train other agents and help grow the Sosa Philbeck Team. She has a passion for real estate and helping others grow their business in it. To get in touch, go to

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