Real estate teams often struggle to take on and train new employees while maintaining momentum in a growing business. In our latest episode, Greg Dallaire, a successful broker with a corporate background based in Green Bay, Wisconsin joins us to share his alternative team building strategies.

The reason we have a team is that there a lot of things that can be done in a day, but none of them are being done consistently.

– Greg Dallaire

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Limit distractions; keep your inbox at zero.
  2. Carefully hiring someone who fits the system works better in the long term than a quick hire.
  3. You don’t have to be a good salesperson, but if you make the most contacts you’ll be near the top

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We began this interview discussing the makeup of Greg’s team and his reliance on internal employees to reduce and simplify his agents’ responsibilities. “We need people in place who can help us launch the plans that we want to execute consistently and salespeople never do that,” said Greg. “I have to hire people who can run the systems that I tell them.”

Then the conversation moved briefly towards Greg’s strategies for lead generation, ranging from BoomTown to Adwords and Facebook marketing. Greg touched on the idea that Facebook ads are a waste of time due to lower conversion rates. “A lot of people talk negatively about Facebook leads. Even I had that thought process until I started looking at my dashboard and tracking where every transaction cames from,” said Greg. “The volume of traffic is outrageous compared to some of the other sources.”

Moving back into team building, Greg shared some of the structures he developed to improve the client experience. Some of these include; a 4-month contract with the clients in which they can reevaluate the service they’ve received, annual cards to past clients, and social events, such as a movie night for kids organized through Facebook. However, in addition to all this planning, Greg maintains that “you still have to check in every once in awhile.”

Moving into a conversation about expanding business, Greg gives an inside look on how his team have maintained their steady rate of growth, despite having to bring in new employees. “Our focus has been not to have a team of a hundred agents or anyone with a pulse; it’s to get people that we can train and mold,” said Greg. He also noted the importance of having systems in place for new hires to fit right in. “I’m all about efficiencies,” said Greg. “I want to make sure all of our training is mapped out correctly. I want to make sure that when someone comes on, there is a specific process and that process can be run without me.”

To finish the interview, Greg weighed in on the differences between a corporate- and a sales-based approach to running a real estate business. According to Greg, the sales aspect should just be the beginning of client experience, where most of the client contact goes through the closing coordinator and other internal employees.

Though many teams experience brief success and rapid growth, Greg stresses the importance of caution, pointing out that regimented policies and teamwork are more successful in the long term than a few quick hires. Additionally, he’s found results by creating departments in his business, simplifying each team member’s role and responsibilities.

Guest Bio 

For more than ten years Greg Dallaire has worked in the Green Bay real estate market, developing a broad understanding of the challenges that lie within its diverse real estate market. He proudly works to serve his clients to find them a home in the great City. His “tell it like it is” approach has garnered the respect of those who appreciate complete honesty and integrity through-out every stage of the process. Dallaire Realty was recently honored by Better Homes & Gardens for its innovative approach in combining old-fashioned customer service with state-of-the-art technology. Learn more about Greg on his website .

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