With our flagship Omaha team going from 80 to 580 deals in only 4 years, and now selling 601 homes in 2016 to finish #2 worldwide in units at Berskhire Hathaway, founder Jeff Cohn has been asked to appear on the most popular and influential real estate podcasts and webinars.

Check out the episodes below and be sure to subscribe to these podcasts and webinar series. Learn what’s working for top agents around the country so you can model their success.

The Level Up Podcast
Host: Greg Harrelson
Title: 600 Deals a Year: Jeff Cohn on Leadership, Accountability & Building the #1 Team in his State

Real Estate Uncensored 
Hosts: Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson
Title: Zero & Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Teams

Timelines of Success
Host: Bill Conrad
Title: Jeff Cohn Real Estate Entrepreneur on Timelines & Blab Netcast

Real Estate Uncensored 
Hosts: Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson
Title: Prospecting Scripts & Systems to Sell 500 Homes a Year

Leveraged Lead Generation Hangout 
Host: Tim Heyl
Title: How Systems, Follow Up and Lead Conversion Will Grow a Culture of Success

GSD Mode 
Host: Joshua Smith
Title: From 80 to 425 Deals in 3 Years

Sweet Process
Host: Owen McGab Enaohwo
Title: The Steps Jeff Cohn took to Systematize His Residential Real Estate Business and Achieve 25% Growth Year After Year

Sweet Process

Real Estate Success Rocks
Host: Patrick Lilly
Title: Lead Generation & Team Building


Honest Real Estate Agent
Host: Mario Jannatpour
Title:  How to Build a Big Real Estate Team

Honest Agent square

Real Estate Coaching Radio
Host: TIm & Julie Harris
Date: July 2nd, 2015


Real Estate Rockstars
Host: Pat Hiban
Title: The Secret System to Success

Pat Hiban Podcast

Super Agents Live
Host: Toby Solgado
Title: Building a Real Estate Team That Runs Itself

Super Agents Live

Keeping It Real Mastermind
Host: Jeff Manson
Title: Team Building Skills: From 80 to 425 Deals in 3 Years

Vyral Marketing Webinar
Host: Frank Klesitz
Title: How Realtor Jeff Cohn Went From Zero Results to Major Results with One Change

Vyral Marketing Webinar
Host: Frank Klesitz
Title: Building a Sales Team from Scratch with #1 Omaha Realtor Jeff Cohn

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