I attended Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Workshop in 2016 and the experience was mind-blowing! You get a chance to see the entire back end operations of one of the most successful Team Leaders on the planet as well as experiencing the energy and culture of his office which is INSANE! This is a must-attend for any team leader truly wanting to expand their Team!

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith | Host | GSDMode | Real Estate & Tech Entrepreneur


Our industry Is filled with plenty of thought leadership but with little “how to” specifics. Jeff Cohn’s workshop is one of the most system-packed seminars I’ve seen. Agents walk away with the actual tools they need to duplicate Jeff’s unique success. Not to mention jeff himself is the real deal.

Tim Heyl
Tim Heyl | Owner | Heyl Real Estate & Phone Animal


Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Workshop is the industry’s most intense, no BS, all-secrets-revealed learning experience. If you want to save an enormous amount of time, energy, and money make the investment in yourself and sign up today. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Josh Cunningham
Josh Cunningham | Owner | Rokrbox


Jeff Cohn is brilliant. Not only how he runs his highly profitable real estate team, but with regard to how he LEARNED to run his real estate team. Jeff flew around the country on his own dime to shadow top performing teams for years. He learned right from the source – and then modeled their systems. But, most importantly, he modeled the behavior of the leader and the office culture he directly experienced. This is what you need to do, too.

Now, Jeff created what he wishes he had when he got started –  a structured 1-day office tour to experience first hand what it takes to lead a million-dollar-earning real estate team where you get paid for what you own, not what you do. Jeff has mastered the art of “exiting your business” with a systems-based, non-people dependent real estate team model that sells homes at profitable margins for you – consistently.

If you want to build a lasting real estate business to finally get off the transaction treadmill where you trade time for money – you need to get to Jeff’s office so you can experience not only the marketing, people, and operations systems that work – but more importantly the critical, intangible soft skills like leadership, culture, values, and environment that motivates people to work for you and succeed at the highest levels. You’ll never experience what Jeff shares at his office on a webinar, phone call, or video. Get to Jeff’s workshop – I highly recommend it.

Frank Klesitz 
Frank Klesitz | Owner | Vyral Marketing


Jeff is singular in this space–no-one I have met has a better approach to real estate sales systems. His willingness to share demonstrates his big vision and abundant thinking. If you want to succeed in real estate, Jeff will show you the path, then its up to you to follow or not.

Paul Morris
Paul Morris | Broker | Keller Williams


How do you run a team that allows you to net a million bucks and never have to talk to a buyer or seller yourself? Jeff Cohn and Omaha’s Elite do just that. Invest in yourself with this workshop – become stress free and financially free, just like Jeff.

Pat Hiban
Pat Hiban | Host | Real Estate RockStars | Author | 6 Steps to 7 Figures


Jeff’s Team Building Workshop is a must attend for anyone with a team or looking to build a team. Jeff breaks down the exact steps that you need to take to take your business to the next level. He shows you the systems and processes and tools that he uses in his everyday business.  This is the best investment you’ll ever make in your real estate business.

Brett Tanner
Brett Tanner | Founder | Brett Tanner Home Selling Team | Greater Phoenix AZ 


Jeff’s Team Building Workshop was spot on! I’ve interviewed hundreds of top agents from across the country and his systems and processes are some of the best in the industry!

Toby Salgado
Toby Salgado | Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur | Host | Super Agents Live


You don’t HAVE to be a rockstar agent. That was probably my #1 takeaway…We waste so much money as real estate professionals. Everyone is trying to sell you something…Magic bullet, magic bullet, magic bullet. In terms of business, it was the best money I’ve ever spent on my business.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.40.31 PM
David Katz | Real Estate Professional | Calabasas, CA


I felt like we’ve been at a plateau for 3 years, and we couldn’t break through it.I would spend twice as much to come here. The value of it getting my time back. I’ve been grinding 70-80 hours a week for 12 years, and I needed to see and walk through an agent’s shoes, who has been where I’m at, and is where I want to be.

Daniel DEL Real
Daniel De Real | Real Estate Professional | Modesto, CA

We’ve tried every lead generation source, and now we’ve narrowed that down to a few great lead sources…Instead of doing deals all over our market, we’ve really focused on the areas we want to be in and now we dominate those areas…We’ll finish this year only 50 deals behind our broker.

Jamey Reynolds
Jamey Reynolds | Co-Founder | Josh Vernon Group | Birmingham, AL


People like me always look back and wish they could scale faster. I wanted to build a business that runs without me. The systems to sell not just 50 or 80 deals a year, but 300, 400 deals a year. Now, I’m actually out of production, I maybe do 1 or 2 deals a month. I don’t have to sell anymore.

Matt Cavanaugh I think
Matt Cavanaugh | Founder | Team Cavanaugh | Modesto, CA