Are Your Real Estate Transactions Stuck at the Same Number? Grow Them Like This with Norman Elliott

Team Building Podcast

The greatest pain point of most real estate teams is how they can level up their number of transactions and maintain growth.

What makes this so challenging is that our organizations have to tick many boxes while also growing. We have to be profitable, pay our agents well, take care of the consumer and also give agents the support they need.

What’s the solution, and is it something a team at any level can implement?

In this episode, we’re joined by a team leader who has navigated this journey. Coach, thought leader, ancillary business master and one of our Team Building Summit speakers, Norman Elliott shares how he grew profit margins to over 40%.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The mindset block that makes progress impossible
    What holds us back from achieving the kind of success that’s talked about on national stages and at conferences?
  • How to create a team that caters to both independent and dependent agents
    Do we need to mold every one of our agents into mega-rockstars to grow our businesses? 
  • What we have to do to make our teams profitable
    Is the answer to growing our profit margins a lot simpler than we think?

Guest Bio

Norman Elliott is a coach, thought leader, team leader, ancillary business master and an ERS client. As Team Leader of the Premier Real Estate Team in Highlands County, Fl Norman has the privilege of helping over 740 families achieve the dream of home ownership. Specializing in residential real estate and striving to obtain 100% customer satisfaction their team has led the county in overall sales consecutively for 5 years!

Norman’s speaking at The Team Building Summit, to see him and other awesome speakers, buy your ticket at and get $100 off with the code PODCAST. 

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