Blast Your Business to New Heights by Effectively Training Your VA w/ Justin Nelson

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Leveraging tasks to a virtual assistant is one of the most effective ways to scale our business. But if we want our VA to become a valuable resource, we can’t skip the foundational training that helps them understand how our business runs.

We have to ensure we’re putting in the necessary time to train our VAs. Even the best assistant on the planet will struggle to deliver without clear expectations and procedures.

How can business owners at any level coach virtual assistants effectively, and are there any shortcuts?

In this episode, CEO of Sphere Rocket VA, Justin Nelson joins me to discuss how to onboard virtual assistants in our businesses.

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Takeaways + Tactics

  • Why employers need to understand the systems they’re delegating
    When hiring an assistant, train alongside them to have a grasp of all the processes and software they’ll be using. If the captain can’t lead the ship, we’re bound to go off course.
  • How to compensate assistants fairly
    Avoid the risk of paying low rates and getting low quality work, or high fees to companies that only pay assistants a fraction. Companies like Rocket Sphere VA charge only an onboarding fee and let business owners and assistants decide on a rate themselves.
  • How to incentivize virtual assistants
    Offer virtual assistants bonuses when the business does well. This is a great motivation for high-quality work, and helps build team spirit.

Guest Bio-

Justin Nelson is the CEO of Sphere Rocket VA, a company dedicated to helping real estate agents find virtual assistants. Justin is passionate about coaching and the real estate industry, and has served as Partner/Owner of the Franklin Team at eXp Realty and Team Lead and Buyer Specialist at Mike Nelson Team Keller Williams 1st Realty.

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