Diversify Your Income to Safeguard Your Financial Wellbeing w/ Aaron Amuchastegui

Team Building Podcast

Life is filled with twists and turns, and we never really know what’s around the corner. To protect ourselves against market shifts or unexpected events in the future, we have to start thinking about diversification today.

It’s not enough to just be a great agent anymore. We’re lucky to be in an industry with many different avenues for success. What are the options available to us, and which stand to get us the highest return?

If we feel overwhelmed by all the choices, how can we move past our feelings of anxiety and start taking actionable steps towards diversification?

In this episode, host of the Real Estate Rockstars Radio podcast, Aaron Amuchastegui shares how to get started on the process of safeguarding our incomes.

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Takeaways + Tactics

  • How to stop letting self-limiting beliefs get the better of us 
    It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when getting started in a new area of real estate, but we need to push through our feelings of self doubt. Remember that no one starts out knowing everything and we generally learn as we go.
  • How to overcome the fear of failure 
    It’s not only okay to lose money on our first deals, it’s great! There is power in failing forward and losing money is one of the best ways to learn the important lessons we need to know.
  • The importance of putting what we learn into practice 
    Reading great books and listening to the best podcasts is a great way to learn more about all the opportunities in real estate, but we can’t stop there. The only way to get started is by taking action.

Guest Bio-

Aaron Amuchastegui is the host of the Real Estate Rockstars Radio podcast. He is a serial entrepreneur, and today he serves as the CEO for Fubakaze LLC and AMA Construct Inc., respectively.

Aaron is also the Principal and Co-Founder of Homerock LLC., as well as the bestselling author of The 5-Hour School Week: An Inspirational Guide to Leaving the Classroom to Embrace Learning in a Way You Never Imagined, and co-author of Bidding to Buy: A Step‑By‑Step Guide to Investing in Real Estate Foreclosures, alongside David Osborn.

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