How Melissa Lombard’s Team Doubled Their Sales & Crushed It Through The Pandemic

Team Building Podcast

Our main purpose as team leaders is providing the environment, support, systems and coaching that makes it possible for our agents to crush their own goals. When we help them achieve success, the goals of the business are also achieved. 

What people are craving is leadership and a plan to achieve their goals. We have to help them tap into their ‘Big Why’, and then lead them to make it happen.

In a pandemic market, our ability to create a high-performance environment becomes more critical. Agents need the leadership that will help them navigate a chaotic market, and continue to grow their sales. 

What strategies are being implemented by the teams who have doubled their business? How can leaders facilitate the success of their agents? 

In this episode, team leader and CEO at Keller Williams Preferred Realty, Melissa Lombard talks about the most important responsibility of a real estate team leader, and how her brokerage has helped their agents achieve a 60% increase in sales.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • How to get leverage from our very first hire 
    Your first hire is the most important hire you’re going to make. They’ll become your partner in bringing other people onto the team. If you hire the right person from the get-go, you’re going to experience the joy of leverage in the hiring process.
  • The true purpose of a team leader 
    Our job as leaders is to create the culture, support and accountability that allows our agents to achieve their goals. Showing up, supporting and encouraging our agents and making it possible for them to continue working in a safe way makes a huge impact on their morale and performance.
  • Why we need to set goals on imagination, not history 
    While it’s tempting to share all our accolades with a client in early communications, we have to remember that it’s not about us. We’re here to solve our clients’ problems, not to talk ourselves up. 

Guest Bio- 

Melissa Lombard is a coach, trainer, team leader and CEO at Keller Williams Preferred Realty. She leads, trains and coaches the top real estate professionals in the Greater Minneapolis area. Melissa’s #1 objective is GROWTH.

Agent Growth – by bringing in the most relevant training presented by experts and delivered in a high-energy, big impact way. Also, by making coaching, masterminds and accountability available to every agent, at every level and stage of their business.

Market Center Growth – by getting into conversation with people looking for a bigger opportunity, either already in real estate at a different brokerage, or looking to get into real estate. Melissa has an eye for talent and recognizes that 90% of people in real estate are looking for a real estate job. She’s looking for the 10% looking to start or grow a real estate business.

Leadership Team Growth – by creating a business that’s big enough to continually provide opportunities for everyone to grow within and alongside the company.

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