How to Build a National Business in a Super-Focused Niche w/ Bryhn Craft

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Building a business that spans multiple states is a dream for a lot of entrepreneurs, but it can be challenging if we service a relatively niche market. How can we ensure we benefit financially from the work of our out-of-state expansion teams? If we’re in a small niche, like recreational land, what systems should we be using? How can we effectively target our services to a smaller market segment?

On this episode, Bryhn Craft of Midwest Land Group shares how to build a business that spans states, even in a small niche.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • A great way to ensure we benefit financially is to implement a referral fee. Build an internal referral system with an easy to understand commission structure.
  • When expanding across the country, systems are vital. We need to ensure we have accurate, reliable systems in place so we can track success and replicate it.
  • Niche areas need very targeted marketing. We need to find ways to capture the attention of our audiences and keep them interested.

At the start of this episode, we discussed why building a hugely successful business doesn’t need to take as long as we think. We also discussed how commission structures can work in the recreational land space, and discussed how to build relationships with our target market. We also learned:

  • Expert marketing ideas
  • The importance of professionalism
  • Why traditional CRMs aren’t always the best option for recreational land

Expanding our businesses into a countrywide operation is exciting, but understandably stressful. When we specialize in a niche area, it is vital to have systems in place to ensure operational excellence. We have to create commission structures that benefit us financially, and remember that our marketing efforts need to be very focused. Running a business that spans states can be daunting – but also very lucrative and rewarding if we utilise the right systems.

Guest Bio-

Bryhn Craft is a serial entrepreneur and broker at Midwest Land Group. Born and raised in Mississippi, he first became involved in land sales after moving to the Midwest to follow his passion for hunting. Bryhn combines his passion and expertise to provide his clients with professional, specialized service.

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