How to Increase Revenue by Eliminating Low Income-producing Tasks w/ Jeff Cohn

Team Building Podcast

Real estate leaders will struggle to grow their teams if their schedules are overloaded with low value tasks. It makes it impossible for us to scale effectively and takes our focus away from more lucrative duties. Bigger teams do mean more management, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all the management responsibility has to be on our plates. To maximize our results and our profits, we have to stop trying to do everything ourselves. Leverage is essential for scaling and running a successful business. How do we hire people we can confidently trust to help us run our businesses? How do we determine what we should be leveraging out?

In this episode, I explain how leverage helps business owners build powerful teams without distracting them from high income-producing activities.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Who to hire first when building an effective team
    The first role to fill is a transaction coordinator. A full-time office manager handles admin tasks, so we can use our time to focus on high income-producing activities like prospecting.
  • How to hire the right person for the job
    For our teams to be managed effectively without adding to our own schedules, we have to hire managers. Constantly seek out top talent. This could even be someone already within our organizations.
  • How to work out which tasks should be leveraged
    List all the tasks done in the organization, and ask which ones we’re bringing the highest impact to. If we’re not taking them on with the best possible energy, pass them on to someone else.

Links and Books mentioned on this episode:

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni

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