Million Dollar Retargeting Strategies w/ Jason Wilmot

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One of the biggest reasons businesses fail to get ROI from their marketing is a focus on the top of the funnel, and failing to engage with the people who are closer to a sale.

If we want to increase revenue, it’s critical to deploy strategies that are tailored for the bottom of the funnel.

Retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy that allows us to make more money without bringing new people into our funnel. If we’ve already spent time, money and effort bringing them into our world, getting them to take action on our offers becomes far easier.

How do we shift our thinking around our funnels so we’re not wasting time and money on the wrong people? How can we use retargeting to eliminate objections? In this episode, High Performance Growth Hacker and founder of HACKTICS, Jason Wilmot shares how he uses retargeting to help his clients increase their revenue by over $50 million.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The most profitable part of the marketing funnel 
    Our marketing efforts should focus on the people who are most likely to buy from us. Retargeting gives us the opportunity to engage with people who have already been exposed to our marketing channels. By putting more ads and content in front of them, we can potentially earn more money without generating new leads.
  • Why many retargeting campaigns fail 
    Tracking is the most essential piece of any effective retargeting strategy, and the first thing we need to set up. If we’re not tracking the traffic on our websites, and the people who engage with our content, we’re wasting money and resources.
  • How to use retargeting to get more people to buy 
    The people who reach the bottom of our funnel are people who have the greatest need for what we have to offer. Very often, they want to buy and just need a nudge in that direction, whether it’s a piece of content that builds trust, more value or a discount. Retargeting can provide the incentive that makes them take action.

Guest Bio-

Jason is an entrepreneur, expert in retargeting ads and social media engagement, and founder and Chief Growth Hacker at HACKTICS. He is a High Performance Growth Hacking Coach and former Apple Distinguished Educator. Jason has helped clients revenue over $50,000,000 through his approach of growth hacking and growth marketing funnels. He’s helped clients build multiple 6, 7 and 8-figure funnels, funnels for social media platforms and even Grammy award-winning artists.

Jason’s knack for tracking architecture makes him one of the most sought after growth hackers in the space today.

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