More Than a Buzzword: How to Build the Culture of a Dominant Team

Team Building Podcast

Culture is a great word to throw around in business, but building it is the real challenge leaders face. In order to grow and scale a dominant team, we need to be intentional about how our people feel when they go to work.

Beyond money, how do we create work environments that allow people to become the best version of themselves? What is the true role of a leader?

In this episode, we’re introducing our August 2022 coaching topic, and sharing the formula we use to create a high performance team culture.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The importance of putting people on the right seat on the bus
    What causes friction in company culture and how do we solve it?
  • How to break aspirations down into daily goals
    If our team’s culture is meant to make people better versions of themselves, how do we actually measure it?
  • How to get our teams to buy into accountability
    Why do teams with weekly meetings/huddles have a better culture than those that don’t.

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