Run With the Top Dogs: How Will Story Took His Business From Dumpster Fire to Well-Oiled Machine

Team Building Podcast

When our businesses aren’t generating the wins we want, it’s easy to blame our agents, our organizations and even the coaching program we’re in, but what if the true problem is us?

If we’re just doing the bare minimum and accepting mediocrity for ourselves, it’s impossible to grow anything beyond this limiting mindset.

How do we get into self-discovery to get to the bottom of the dysfunction in our business? What is the effect of that level of honesty?

In this episode, we’re joined by the CEO of HergGroup Denver at Hergenrother Realty Group, Will Story. He opens up about the change that helped his team grow, and why it all started with how he was showing up as a leader.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why you can’t run a “team of mercenaries”
    If a team lacks a solid foundation, will hiring more people make things better or worse?
  • The attitude that holds many agents back from success
    How do you switch from playing defense to playing offense as a team leader?
  • How to change your culture by changing yourself
    How did Will Story shift his team from an “atrocious culture” to a supportive, growth-focused culture?

Guest Bio

Will Story is the CEO HergGroup Denver at Hergenrother Realty Group. Real estate is his focus, and his specialty is guiding people through the major life transitions that buying or selling a new home can bring.

Will started his real estate career in 2013, and he has a passion for coaching and training other agents. HergGroup Denver offers expertise, professional services and an innovative online approach.

For more information, contact Will directly

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