Sleeping in His Car to $3 Million: A Guide to Wealth Growth in a Competitive Market w/Nick Cooley

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Denver is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. To say that it has an astronomical demand for property would be a huge understatement, with inventory going as low as 1200 or even less.

In such a challenging market, our guest has $30 million in acquisition, a record number of closings and a thriving rental property – what’s his secret?

How does he set himself for success from finding to funding the deals?

In this episode, investor, broker, mentor, consultant and the President of Team Cooley Properties, Nick Cooley shares how he’s running his investment operation, including a deep dive into the numbers and the kinds of deals he goes after.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why many investors miss out on the opportunity to truly build wealth
    How do we treat our investing cash flow as financial insulation instead of spending money?
  • The key to success in the hard money game
    How do you become your own hard money lender to fund your very first investment deal?
  • How to navigate the risk of a loss
    Can we mitigate the pain that comes from an investing loss, or cushion the blow in advance?

Guest Bio-

Nick Cooley is an investor, broker, mentor, consultant and the President of Team Cooley Properties in Denver, Colorado. Nick is excited to bring an investor’s perspective to the large and important financial decision as to where to live, raise a family, enjoy the occasional dinner party… whatever!

Buying or selling a home is important not only for the financial implications, but also in the measure that it is the main place where we spend our lives.

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