Social Media Strategies to Take Your Business into the Future w/ Renee Mueller

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There are tons of ways to take our businesses into the future, like building integrated office space and ancillary businesses, but not all of us are at a level where we’re ready to act on those ideas just yet. However, the one thing we can work on, regardless of where we are today, is social media.

Having the type of social media strategy that makes us stand out is a game changer in real estate.

How should we be using social media to attract a record number of leads? Is it possible to use it to attract recruits, too?

In this episode, owner of kwELITE Columbus, Renee Mueller shares the strategies that have got her massive results.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why having a business page isn’t enough 
    Facebook business pages are all good and well, but if only our friends and family know about them, their reach is relatively limited. These pages should be one piece of our social media strategy.
  • How to target the right audience, the right way 
    If we want our ads to stick out to our database, we have to know what they want to see. Some CRMs, like Boomtown, allow us to see what our leads are looking for, so we can get the right ads in front of them.
  • How to use geo-targeting for recruitment 
    Run retargeted ads to capture the attention of agents in other brokerages. We have to make sure they know what’s available to them, because we may just be the perfect fit.

Guest Bio-

Renee Mueller is the owner of kwELITE Columbus. After earning multi-million dollar producer awards consistently over the years, she decided to open her own brokerage in 2018 with the intention of better serving her community, clients and agents. Today, she is the owner and developer behind Parkway Plaza, which houses a range of businesses including Premier Property Management and even Big Apple Bagels.

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