Supercharge Your Facebook Ads for Maximum Engagement w/ Scott Shapiro

Team Building Podcast

With over 70% of the American population using Facebook platforms every day, there’s no better place for agents to connect with their market. However, if we want to maximize our results from Facebook marketing, we have to do it the right way.

Given how many agents already use the platform for marketing, we need to stand out in the eyes of our ideal client. It’s not enough to share content mindlessly. If we want to break through, we have to meet the consumer where they are.

Which Facebook features get the highest engagement, and what content does the average user want to see? How can we ensure our ads are seen by our target audience?

In this episode, Client Partner at Facebook, Scott Shapiro shares how to take advantage of everything the platform has to offer. 

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Takeaways + Tactics

  • The technology our content needs to be compatible with 
    Forget the myth that mobile is only used by younger demographics. Buyers in every age group use it to look for real estate information, so if we want our content to be seen we have to ensure it’s mobile device-friendly.
  • How knowing what we want to achieve makes all the difference 
    When agents don’t see the results they’re expecting from their Facebook marketing, it’s likely they haven’t had clear objectives in mind. Facebook Ads can only do what we tell it to, so it’s important to have a crystal-clear idea of the end goal.
  • Why organic content isn’t enough to capture a wide audience 
    While organic posts can capture some attention, their reach is fairly limited. This is because only those actively looking for our content will see it. Blast engagement to new heights by investing in paid advertising in addition to regular posts.

Guest Bio- 

Scott Shapiro is a Client Partner at Facebook in their Real Estate industry vertical. In his role in Industry Relations, Scott assists clients with developing and implementing multiple platform solutions on Facebook, for maximum engagement and maximum results. 

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