The Leads Trap: What Agents Get Wrong About Prospecting & How to Fix It with Andrew Vose

Team Building Podcast

A lot of agents are finding themselves falling into the leads trap – spending money in all the wrong places without getting any real value or seeing much success. There could be easier and more cost-effective ways to generate leads and build long-term relationships.

Should we treat purchased leads as something supplemental?

In this episode, Team owner at Prosperity Group Andrew Vose joins me to discuss lead generation, relationships, and how they fit in with lead generation. Andrew also shares his story about how he overcame 200K in real estate investment debt and why he never stops learning.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The value you bring vs the value you take
    The more value we bring, the more profit we keep, and vice versa. How do we ensure that we are on the right end of the relationship to extract the most value?
  • Options for lead generation
    What are some of the best options for lead generation in 2023?
  • Get to know your client
    Andrew treats every conversation with a client like a first date where he gets to know them and what they want. Why is it so important to get all the information you can before moving forward?

Guest Bio

Andrew Vose is a Realtor, Coach, and Team Owner at Prosperity Group brokered by LPT REALTY. As a young entrepreneur, Andrew was fortunate enough to succeed in building a profitable business in the travel industry.

Andrew has been in the real estate industry for 4 years and has sold 600+ houses in that short time, earning over $ 3.5 million in commissions both individually and through his expert team. He prides himself on being a master of building relationships and maintaining them.

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Find Andrew on Facebook @AndrewVoseSellsColoradoSpringsRealEstate

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