The Mental Model for Adding New Lead Sources to Your Business [REPLAY]

Team Building Podcast

In order to build a scalable real estate team, we have to generate enough leads to feed our agents and constantly explore new lead sources.

How do we test out new lead sources without dropping the ball on what’s already working?

In this special blast-from-the-past episode, we talk about how to build a solid lead gen system in your business.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How much money we should to allocate towards our leads sources
    How do we double down on what works while also experimenting with new lead channels?
  • The real reason people believe certain lead sources don’t work
    What’s the true sign that a lead source isn’t working?
  • How much time a marketing campaign needs to prove itself
    How much time should we commit to a lead source and what metrics should we track?

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