Tracking Numbers & KPIs is Pivotal to Our Success w/ Kevin McGowan

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Accountability is a key part of effective success management for our teams. As we set goals for the year ahead, we have to do a better job of tracking the numbers and key performance indicators that feed into those goals.

We have to actively track the things we hold our agents accountable to.

It’s impossible to have true accountability without analytics. Tracking gives us more power in our decision making, and provides a benchmark for the most important activities in our business.

What are some of the key things we need to be tracking? How do we make our analytics more actionable?

In this episode, I’m joined by CEO of Elite Real Estate Systems, Kevin McGowan. He shares the pivotal role tracking played in our ability to scale a fast growing real estate team.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • How to reverse engineer our success 
    Tracking our prospecting is critical if we want to hit our sales goals. By knowing the exact prospecting numbers we need to reach, we can reverse engineer our activities and the hours we need to work to meet a specific target.
  • Why agents appreciate us tracking their success 
    If we set up the KPI tracking correctly, our agents won’t feel like we’re keeping tabs on them, they will appreciate the effort we make in helping them reach their goals. It also empowers them by giving them a singular focus and a simple path to what they want to earn and achieve.
  • The importance of having actionable analytics 
    Numbers can live and die in a spreadsheet if we don’t have a front-end dashboard or a visualization tool. If we have somewhere to display our KPIs, we make them a part of every single work day. Having a dashboard motivates and inspires the sales force, and makes it more likely that information will be applied and used.

Guest Bio-

Kevin McGowan is the CEO of Elite Real Estate Systems. Elite Real Estate Systems is a modern coaching company created for the modern agent and forged from the nation’s fastest growing real estate companies, kwELITE.

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