Using Your DISC Profile to Tap Into Your Genius w/ Jay Niblick

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On the surface, personality profiles like the DISC are simply a way to categorize people and how they behave, but there’s a lot more to them than that. 

A personality assessment can actually be the key to aligning ourselves with our strengths, and the secret ingredient to excellence. 

When we focus on the way our minds are wired, we gain powerful insights that steer us towards roles that allow us to work in our natural element. When we take on jobs without factoring in our natural mental states, we’re prone to stress, fatigue and even mistakes. Leveraging the DISC empowers us to avoid this. 

What are the two levels of thinking all humans have, and what do they tell us about our strengths? In this episode, I’m joined by Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of WizeHire, Jay Niblick. We discuss how DISC assessments and profiles can help us play to our strengths.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Why DISC profiles are so insightful 
    The DISC assessment doesn’t just give us insights on the 4 quadrants. It’s actually a 16-box matrix that goes beyond the core dimensions. If we look beyond the 4 categories, we can learn a lot about how we function, and how to align ourselves with work that taps into our strengths. 
  • System 1 vs. System 2 thinking 
    System 1 thinking is how our minds function in their most natural and effortless state. It’s when we don’t have to put a lot of effort into thinking about something. Systems 2 thinking is conscious, and a lot more intense – it requires us to really stop and think about something.
  • How our minds function when we don’t play to our strengths 
    In system 1 thinking, we’re fluid and thinking in the most natural way for us, in system 2 this is where we really have to stretch ourselves, adapt, and make an effort, which can get us in trouble. When we have to adapt and stretch ourselves a lot, we compromise our accuracy and effectiveness.

Guest Bio- 

Jay Niblick is the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of WizeHire. Wizehire is a SaaS enterprise that specializes in recruitment software that helps organizations find and hire the best talent. Wizehire is literally changing how the world does hiring. Jay is also the author of The Profitable Consultant and What’s Your Genius: How the Best Think for Success. He is passionate about helping small business owners recruit more effectively.

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