What Did David Dodge Learn From His Real Estate Investing Failures?

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Getting to 600+ investing transactions and a 100-unit unicorn deal is an incredible feat for any investor, but that level of success doesn’t come without hard lessons and failures.

Failure is a non-negotiable part of building a business, and people who are willing to endure and keep moving forward will crush it. If we stop defining failure as a loss, and start seeing it as a necessity, we’re on the path to greatness.

On the road to becoming a successful investor with 600+ deals under his belt, what was David Dodge’s biggest failure? How do we build a real estate investing business that swings open the door to bigger opportunities?

In this episode, investor, coach, author and host of Discount Property Investor, David Dodge shares his journey as an investor and what he learned from the challenges he faced.

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why we need to get comfortable with failure 
    Failure is inevitable, and something we should embrace if we want to find greatness. We have to be willing to take steps backwards and fail forward. It’s impossible to build anything worth having without the willingness to endure challenges.
  • What it takes to succeed as an investor 
    Marketing and networking are the key to success in investing, in any model. When we master direct-to-seller marketing, we unlock the door to every real estate model and strategy.
  • How to invest without losing money 
    The one thing that gets investors in trouble every single time is overpaying on a property. We make our money when we buy, and get paid when we sell. If we buy the property right, by going in low, we won’t lose money.
  • The reverse wholesale strategy David Dodge leverages 
    Find the buyers in your market, figure out what they are looking for and target your marketing efforts to find the opportunities. Discover what the buyers in your market want and provide the solutions as you network with them.

Guest Bio-

David Dodge is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach, author and host of Discount Property Investor. David Dodge is a full-time real estate professional with over 15 years of real estate expertise and 600+ houses flipped and 50+ rentals. He owns and operates a real estate property management firm out of Saint Louis Missouri.

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