What’s Your High Dollar Productive Activity? What to do When You Pull Back on Personal Production

Team Building Podcast

When agents pull back from production, they get hit by the amount of time they have on their hands, but it should never be considered ‘free time’.

Once we step out of sales, we have to take on the activities of a leader and start working on improving our business.

But what does that actually look like? What areas of the business do we need to start focusing on?

In today’s episode, our special guest host, Matt Johnson joins us to talk about the most important and dollar-productive activities of a team leader.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The biggest mistake team leaders make when they get out of sales
    How do we make sure the bills still get paid when our production is no longer part of the equation?
  • Why hiring an exact replacement puts you in a precarious position
    Who do we need to hire in order to keep our business stable when we’re out of production?
  • How to use numbers to drive and motivate your decisions as a leader
    What numbers do team leaders need to know in order to know where to leverage themselves and where to put their time?

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