Why Agents Avoid Tracking Their Numbers & How It Harms Their Profitability with Mac Hill

Team Building Podcast

If we’re running a real estate organization without tracking our numbers, we’re not running a business, we’re just operating in the unknown with no direction to achieve better results.

Not only do the numbers help us work toward more profitability, they also serve as a key metric in our culture of accountability.

How does a tool like Sisu make all this easier? What features can we leverage to extract the most valuable and actionable data?

In this episode, Sisu’s Director of Community at Sisu, Mac Hill shares how to use the numbers in our business to create an environment people will perform well in.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • What we need to be tracking in our businesses
    Does tracking our numbers facilitate accountability at a higher level and make us more effective as leaders?
  • The power of gamification and peer accountability
    How do we add an extra layer of lateral accountability in our businesses?
  • Why time is our most valuable currency
    When we think of a return on investment, we often focus on financial resources, but what about our time?

Guest Bio

Mac Hill is the Director of Community at Sisu. Sisu is a fast growing Real Estate technology company that helps RE business owners streamline the flow of their data to provide them more reporting and intelligence in their businesses. As the Director of Community at Sisu, I’m dedicated to growing the network of business owners leveraging Sisu to achieve operational excellence through ambassador relations and social proof.

Get your ticket to Reign by Sisu over at https://www.reignbysisu.com, or email mac@sisu.co for more information.

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