Why Great Teams Start with Great Talent with Byron Thompson

Team Building Podcast

From finding the right talent, to figuring out how to best support our agents, there are key decisions leaders have to make in those initial steps of building a team.

There are some key realizations that are universal to everyone’s journey, and the more we know about them, the more missteps we can avoid.

How do we make the right initial decisions that set our teams up for success?

In this episode, we sit down with Byron Thompson of Meraki Realty Group. We talk all about his journey into leading a team, and the major takeaways he’s had along the way.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to use the talent on your team in the right places
    Is it better to find new people to fill positions, or create positions to suit people?
  • How to encourage your team to grow
    Can enticing brokerage packages actually stunt your growth, what should you look for instead?
  • Why we need to be careful who we partner with
    How do we get a coach who is invested in our results and our success?

Guest Bio

Byron Thompson is a Real Estate Agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, and Real Estate Ambassador at Meraki Realty Group.

The Meraki team specializes in buying, selling, and investing in real estate properties through expertise, market research, and building relationships that last a lifetime!

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