Why High-Achievers Fail at Fulfillment and How to Do it Differently with Maki Moussavi

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Driven, successful entrepreneurs have a natural disposition to go from goal to goal without much thought about how they feel. Simply put: we’re amazing at achieving, but fall short of actually being fulfilled.

This approach inevitably leads us to a roadblock or even a crisis that forces us to change our programming so that our feelings become part of the way we set goals.

How do we push past the roadblocks, and pivot toward authenticity and true fulfillment?

In this episode, mindset coach and author of The High Achievers Guide and host of Musings of a High Achiever, Maki Moussavi talks about her career in genetics and where goal setting goes wrong for successful people.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The surprising connection between the world of genetics and coaching
    Why do moments of crisis require an educated outside perspective?
  • Goal setting is broken
    How do people find themselves unhappy, even though they’ve achieved all they wanted to?
  • The trap of social media
    In order to set fulfilling goals, we have to work past the things we do for validation, but how do we do that?

Guest Bio

Maki Moussavi is a mindset coach and author of The High Achievers Guide and host of Musings of a High Achiever. She helps successful, unsatisfied leaders catalyze empowering change to create a more satisfying, meaningful life.

Maki pushes her high-achieving clients to explore why they drive themselves to depletion and understand why a sense of fulfillment continues to elude them. A fearless truth-teller and fierce advocate, she helps them discover personal insights that empower them to move forward with intention, integrity, and purpose.

Go to https://www.makimoussavi.com for more information.

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