You Can’t Force a Culture of Accountability on Every Agent…Here’s Why & What to do About it

Team Building Podcast

Culture is not a one size fits all, and even if we have the most positive culture in place,  people will either flock to it, fight it or flee from it. We all know that accountability is critical to the success of our agents, but not everyone responds to it positively.

This is a lesson many team leaders learn the hard way.

When we create a culture people want to be a part of, we have to be okay with it repelling others and impacting our talent pool. How do we make sure our hiring criteria reflects our desired culture?

How can we audit our culture so we know who can fit and thrive within it? What do we risk when we try to force our culture on everyone?

In today’s episode, we talk about why your culture won’t suit everyone, and how to avoid wasting time on hires who haven’t bought into what we value.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How one bad apple can poison the culture of an entire team
    Accountability is a great thing, but not everyone will want to be on a team that pushes it. What will go wrong when we try to keep people rebelling against our company culture? 
  • Why we have to be deliberate about setting our culture
    Culture will always filter from the top. How do we make sure the values we want in our business resonate with every single person who comes through our doors? 
  • The cost of hesitating to recruit talent
    How do we bring top talent on board as soon as we recognize what they bring to the table and before another team scoops them up?

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