ELITE is YOUR Real Estate System. We’re your industry experts, crafting practical and innovative solutions customized for various sectors in real estate. Our goal? Setting new standards and embracing practices that not only work but are perfectly in tune with today’s dynamic market.

Partnering with Today’s Real Estate Leaders.

Our mission? To partner with real estate leaders, like you, to increase profit, build wealth and create freedom. How do we achieve this? Through cutting-edge coaching, time-proven systems, and strategies that elevate you from Team Leader to Real Estate CEO.

ELITE serves as the catalyst, turning your challenges into opportunities and propelling you and the industry forward. Our team, composed of real estate industry experts, collaborate to help you navigate today’s shifting market and help you build your real estate business.

Partnering with ELITE embarks you on a transformative journey. Say goodbye to team plateaus, seasonal roller-coasters, and agent churn. Embrace a full-fledged Real Estate System with you at the helm as the CEO.

Ready to redefine success? Join ELITE and let’s navigate this journey together.

Our History

More than a decade ago, Jeff Cohn, the visionary Founder and CEO of ELITE, embarked on a journey that began as a coaching company in 2017. Over the years, Jeff has empowered thousands of residential team leaders and broker-owners nationwide to scale their real estate businesses. With roots as a highly successful real estate agent and team leader, Jeff’s team secured the No. 1 spot at one of nation’s top real estate brokerages in 2018. In 2020, alongside Renee Mueller, President of ELITE, they launched kwELITE, a tech-powered brokerage pilot.

In 2023, ELITE unveiled its groundbreaking platform, leveraging synergies across Real Estate, Mortgage, Title, Insurance, and Investing. ELITE equips you with the technologies, shared services, and vertical integrations needed to not just survive but thrive in any market.

Since its launch, ELITE has assembled a dynamic team of not only Real Estate but also business-building experts and entrepreneurial leaders, unified to provide THE platform for Team Leaders and Brokers to evolve into CEOs.

Jeff hosts The Team Building Podcast, boasting almost 10 million listens and claiming the #1 spot on iTunes for Team Building.

Leadership Team

Our executive leadership team is led by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Cohn and includes leaders of our major operational and commercial teams. The team, with over 90 years of collective real estate management experience, is charged with setting strategy and making key decisions for our organization.

Jeff Cohn

Chief Executive Officer

Renee Mueller


Shawn Quintero

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Meyer

Chief Financial Officer

ELITE Partnerships

ELITE’s powered by platform gives real estate leaders the opportunity to increase profit, build wealth, and create freedom by partnering in Mortgage, Title, Insurance, and Investing.


Powered By Elite

Our Mortgage partnership is led by Nick Zwiebel, CEO. Together with ELITE, we have built a company centered around agent relationships. With agents at the center of the transaction, this allows our Mortgage team to provide the ELITE service to our partners. 


Powered By Elite

Our Title partnership is led by Jane McDaniel, CEO. Jane and her team have built a company centered around trust and collaboration with agents, this has allowed Title to expand across multiple states without ever comprising service.


Powered By Elite

Our Insurance partnership is led by Cyrus Jaffery, CEO. Together with ELITE, Cyrus has expanded our systems and strategies across the country all while keeping the client and agent at the forefront of their mission.

Real Estate Investing

Powered By Elite

Our Real Estate Investing partnership is led by Clint Bartlett, CEO of Dynamic Properties. Clint and Dynamic Properties has scaled ELITE systems that have allowed them to purchase almost 200+ doors valued at over 24MM in less than 10 years.

Clint Barlett is the Lead Coach for ELITE Investor Coaching.