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Jeff was recently invited to appear on Real Estate Uncensored, a marketing and sales training podcast, to share prospecting systems and scripts he’s developed over the years.

Key Quote:

Too often people are saying, “What am I getting from those that are below me? How am I gaining?” You have to go 180 degrees the other direction. “What am I giving? What are they gaining?” If you’ve given them enough value they’ll stay with you forever. They can see that you care more about them than you do about yourself.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The time to exit personal production is when your TEAM is bringing in enough to cover your basic expenses outside of your personal production
  2. Divide your prospecting time into 90 minute blocks and focus on a different lead source each day, rather than make 4-5 different types of prospecting calls daily
  3. Hourly Net Worth and Leverage-Know your hourly value and outsource anything below that hourly value to someone else

Resources & Links:

Expansion- Learn how you can partner with Elite Real Estate Systems – build your career, start your own satellite team and remove yourself from actively working with clients – all without leaving your current broker.

Team Building Workshop – Spend the day observing these systems in person, including board meetings, Monday Team Meeting, agent one-on-one meetings. Also includes hours of private consulting to create your own custom roadmap to build and exit your real estate team.

Tools & Services – See all the tools, professional services and companies Jeff uses and recommends to help build your real estate team.

In the first half of the episode, Jeff broke down his prospecting system, which consisted of 90-minute blocks from a different lead source each day, and shared his mindset and attitude toward prospecting and how to block out distractions so you have laser focus.

Jeff and co-host Greg McDaniel also had fun role playing through 3 types of calls: Old internet lead follow up, Circle prospecting, and Expired listing. We didn’t take it easy on Jeff in the role playing, so it was a great insight into how a top agent handles touch prospecting calls and chooses the right value add as leverage to book an appointment.

In the 2nd half, Jeff shared the systems that allow his team to sell 500 homes a year, which includes unique support staff roles, lead generation, teams within his team, commission splits, how to retain agents over time by providing massive value and much more.

Here are the show notes with timestamps to you can jump to the section that most interests you:

[4:35] You don’t HAVE to build a team – Building a team allows you to exit the hamster wheel – The right time to exit personal production and focus on building your team

[9:00] Jeff’s prospecting SYSTEM of 90-min blocks from 5 different sources – How he leveraged his time by hiring a transaction coordinator – What Jeff did to ramp up his prospecting

[16:30] LIVE Role Play: Jeff calls Greg, an old internet buyer lead

[20:50] SCRIPT: How to train your sphere to send referrals directly to you

[24:20] LIVE Role Play: Jeff runs through an example circle prospecting with Greg

[28:00] Why you must be ON when you’re prospecting – How to shut out distractions so you have laser focus

[29:15] Viewer Question and LIVE Role Play: How to convince an Expired to list with them after they’ve unsuccessfully listed with other agents

[35:40] Why your prospecting ability will rarely exceed your level of personal development

[37:30] Jeff’s approach to building a team – Comparing expansion teams with McDonald’s franchises

[42:10] Hourly Net Worth- Why you should know your hourly value and hire everything worth less to someone else – How Jeff and Greg outsource the transaction coordination

[47:20] Viewer Question: How would you start over in a new location, and where would you invest your first commission check?

[53:08] Why newer and inexperienced agents should be focused on buyers and not sellers – Why team leaders should help their agents make more money by training them to generate their own internet leads and build their own business

[55:14] Teams within teams and commission splits to retain top people over time

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