Metrics Tracking – November Coaching Topic

Real Estate

I’m Jeff Cohn, CEO of Elite Real Estate Systems, and Team Leader of our flagship team, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, that has gone from 70 to over 700 real estate transactions in less than six years. We are excited to share with you a sneak peek into our high level Team Leader Livestream Coaching topic for the month of November focused on goal setting and metrics tracking!

Determining your KPIs could be the difference between your team growing or simply getting the same results year after year. We use a company called Sisu to empower our agents to track their activities each and every day. Sisu makes it easy for them to log their key performance information from their mobile app, and provides the agent with a modern display of graphs and leaderboards to help them stay motivated and take control of their business!

Join us in November for our next high level Team Leader Livestream Coaching session going deep into goal setting and metrics tracking! We invite you to join our Team Leader Livestream Coaching today, we offer modern coaching for the modern agent. Thank you.

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