Building a Positive Company Culture

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Creating a positive company culture in your organization might seem like an easy task, but it is actually much more than providing a good salary and having a decent HR department. It’s about fostering a space where people feel safe and able to grow.

In this Team Building Podcast episode, Jeff will share with us the five strategies that you can implement today to build a company culture that lasts a lifetime and produces revenue.

The five strategies for positive company culture

Creating a positive company culture goes beyond just motivating your workforce. It is about creating an environment where your team not only knows how to grow your business but also strives to generate more sales and attract more clients.

The Culture

In today’s competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any organization. But how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in cultivating a positive company culture that not only supports the well-being of your employees but also ignites their passion and drive.

Your company needs to be a place where people can develop their talent and learn, not a place for stagnation and conformity.

Lead Culture

In a thriving lead culture, admins, salespeople, and all the staff need to be wired to focus on one the same thing: selling and generating leads.

This focus ensures that every team member is aligned toward the common goal of driving business growth. By providing the necessary tools, training, and support, you empower your sales team to tackle lead generation head-on and achieve remarkable results.

The ERS team has identified three types of  team members:

  • Dependent salesperson: Needs mentoring
  • Interdependent: They have been in the business for a few years and don´t need constant mentoring.
  • Independent- don’t need to come into the office; they can work without supervision.

The overall goal is to create independent agents. By empowering your sales culture, your team can excel in their roles with minimal supervision.

Lead Conversion Culture

Once you have the leads, make sure your team culture includes the conversion process.

Start with cultivating a mindset that views lead conversion as a collective responsibility and an opportunity for growth.

By instilling a sense of ownership and commitment to conversion goals, your team becomes a cohesive force working towards shared success.

To fuel the drive for lead conversion, it’s crucial to motivate and empower your team. Celebrate the milestones and successes along the conversion journey by creating a culture that values recognition. Consider implementing dynamic gestures like applause or other forms of acknowledgment to show appreciation for the hard work put in by your team members.

Culture of Systems

Having systems and software that make management and lead conversion easier is essential to have effective results. Your team deserves the best of the best.

And an efficient CRM (customer relationship management) will make processes faster for your team.

Jeff recommends BoomTown, a leading real estate software provider that is used in ERS and that has proven to be an effective tool. Having a system offers perks and time savings for the company because it streamlines the lead conversion process.

By doing this, you enable your agents to make more money in less time and less energy.


In order to optimize lead conversion and drive success, it is essential to establish clear processes and build an effective strategy.

Moreover, having clear procedures is crucial for effectively generating and converting leads; this way, agents know how many calls, emails, texts, and visits need to be made to generate a lead or close a sale.

Automation tools can make strategies more effective, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks such as email campaigns, lead scoring, and lead nurturing. By implementing a culture that revolves around these activities and using the right tools, businesses can improve their lead conversion rates and achieve greater success.

Start Implementing a Positive Company Culture Today

The benefits of improving your company culture are paramount because investing in your team’s well-being and professional growth means investing in your own business growth.

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