How To Get Our Agents On Board With Next Level Growth w/ Matt O’Neill

Team Building Podcast

Growing our businesses and simultaneously making provision for our own exit isn’t complicated. All we have to do is double the size of our teams while charging a 50% commission. However, convincing our teams that this is the best way forward isn’t always so easy.

If we put ourselves in our agents’ shoes, it’s easy to understand their hesitations. They’re comfortable with existing dynamics and feel nervous venturing into the unknown, but as team leaders, it’s our job to put their minds at ease.

How can we help them understand that a bigger team will bring bigger results for them, too? Is expanding our teams worth the risk of agents walking away?

In this episode, founder of Matt O’Neill Real Estate, Matt O’Neill shares how to overcome our agents’ objections to a bigger team.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • How growing our teams empowers our agents 
    Great leaders teach their followers how to be just like them, and by empowering our agents to build teams of their own, we’re doing just that. Make sure every agent is aware of the massive benefits they’ll get as a result of a bigger team.
  • How to deal with team members who aren’t receptive to change 
    Whenever there are changes, some people will be resistant. Be open to hearing their concerns, but if their energy continues to clash with the rest of the team, or they undermine the changes being made, let them go swiftly.
  • How to stop taking it personally when agents leave 
    No one wants to lose top talent, but it’s important to remember that not everyone wants to be in a big team. An agent’s decision to leave when we restructure our business has nothing to do with who we are as people, it’s purely business.

Guest Bio-

Matt O’Neill is the founder of Matt O’Neill Real estate in Charleston, SC. Ranked as the #1 high end real estate team in South Carolina by The Wall Street Journal, Matt’s team sold over $1 Billion in homes.

Matt credits much of his success to the core values of honesty, hugging and hard work. Instilled in him from a young age by his mom, today he’s implemented each of these values in his company, and the results speak for themselves.

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