How to Set Boundaries and Take Control of Your Time w/ Todd Ferris

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Having a work-life balance is vital for holistic success, but not enough of us know where to begin to achieve that balance. How can we build businesses that allow us to pursue other interests and spend more time with our families? Is it possible to set boundaries with both clients and team members and still be successful?

On this episode, co-host of The Boom Podcast and team leader at Ferris Property Group, Todd Ferris shares how to achieve a better work-life balance.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • When planning each day, start by scheduling the things we want to achieve. This makes it easier to accommodate every commitment we make, both work and family related.
  • Set boundaries with clients. Most people will be understanding and respect our communicated business hours. Let them know your availability upfront and be mindful of your delivering on your commitments.
  • Always try to create a great culture with both team members and clients. As business owners, we get to choose who we work with – so make sure your team respect yours and each other boundaries.

At the start of this episode, we discussed how taking time off work regularly helps us achieve a better balance, as well as energize us. We then spoke about the importance of confidence, and why we need to show our clients we aren’t worried about losing them if they don’t respect our time. We also learned:

  • How to hire recruits that work well with our existing company culture
  • When to start setting expectations with new recruits
  • Why having a set company culture is non-negotiable for success

Guest Bio-

Todd Ferris is a Realtor and the team leader at Ferris Property Group, as well as a podcast co-host and national speaker. Todd has been involved in real estate since 2008. During his tenure, he’s consistently been ranked as one of the top-producing agents in the greater Indianapolis area, has been a branch manager, and is the team leader for the F.C. Tucker Company’s largest real estate team.

Todd grew up in Edina, Minnesota, went to college at the University of Evansville, and has spent his adult years in the greater Indianapolis area. He is married to Megan Ferris, and they have four wonderful kids. His passions include everything real estate, family, friends, sports, and music. Todd was also the winner of a Norwegian reality show called Alt for Norge!, and his superpower is being able to communicate with fruit.

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