How to Stop Letting Your Fear of Public Speaking Hold You Back from Amazing Opportunities

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One of the biggest commonalities across all leaders is, they’re put in positions where they need to speak. On paper, that sounds easy enough, but as anyone who has taken to the stage will know, it’s often easier said than done.

Aside from doing it repeatedly, is there anything we can do to alleviate stage fright? Will we ever totally escape the feeling of being uncomfortable speaking to an audience?

In this episode, I’m once again joined by Matt Johnson as we share our hacks for getting more comfortable at speaking engagements.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The importance of authenticity
    Is it ever a good idea to channel someone else’s persona, even if we’re doing it to feel more comfortable? 
  • How to prepare for a speaking engagement ahead of time
    Should we stick with our everyday routines before an engagement, or should we be switching it up?
  • The rookie error speakers need to avoid
    Could we be unwittingly putting ourselves at a disadvantage before we’ve even started our presentation?

Guest Bio

Matt Johnson is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. Host of the MicroFamous podcast and co-host of Real Estate Uncensored, he is also the owner of Pursuing Results, a podcast launch, and production company.

Matt is the author of MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People.

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