Leading a Goal Setting Discussion: The Number One, Zero Cost Way to Add Value to Your Agents

Team Building Podcast

As team leaders, it’s our job to help our agents succeed and achieve their dreams. We could focus on lead gen and CRMs, but the success of our people truly starts with goal setting.

What are the questions we need to ask our agents so that their goals can be backed up by actions and activities? How do we avoid imposing our own goals on our agents?

In this episode, KWElite invites you into our December client call where we dive deep into goal setting.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why goals need to be super specific
    There’s a difference between setting a goal and wishing things into existence. How do we make sure we’re doing the former?
  • How to help agents set their own goals, not ours
    As team leaders, we’re in danger of instilling what we want onto our agents. Can we teach ourselves to avoid this?
  • What we can expect when we start rolling out this goal setting process
    How do we deal with our agents pushing back on the goal setting sessions and actually get their buy-in?

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