Who Do You Want in Your World? How to Recruit Right-Fit Agents to Your Team

Team Building Podcast

For a team leader with an intention for growth, bringing agents into our world has to be top of mind, but it’s not just about bringing anyone into our world, it’s about finding and attracting the right people.

How do we decide who is a good fit during the hiring process? When should we consider hiring in our business cycles?

In this episode, I talk about recognizing who you need to recruit, strategies for recruiting as well as compensation for agents and how it can add value to your business.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Screening potential candidates
    What methods can we use to ensure that we bring the right people into our ecosystem?
  • Ways to meet and recruit new people
    How do we compel potential agents that we want to recruit to join our team?
  • Competing with other businesses
    How can we compete with other businesses and offer more value when it comes to recruiting agents? How do we stand out from the rest?

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