Becoming the #1 Real Estate Agent in the WORLD w/ Jeff Cohn

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Imagine being the #1 real estate agent in the entire world. Crazy right? Well our guest this week literally is.

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Jeff Cohn and his real estate team in Omaha, NE were the #1 real estate team in the world at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 2018, and still Top 3.

Jeff believes that damn near any one of us Realtors can do what he did, as long as they follow the same path. Now Jeff spends a chunk of his time advising agents on how they can “quit real estate” and stop selling homes (personally).

Crazy, right!?

But the part thats really crazy is that Jeff lays out how he did it. From day one, to selling around 50 homes his very first year to growing exponentially and eventually being ranked the #1 real estate team in the world for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Jeff describes the blueprint that any one of us can follow.

Please take notes in this episode, because Jeff Cohn brought some serious energy, and some simple calculations that can make or break success or failure in the business. He explains how this simple math is behind his ability to build such a successful team of real estate agents. –

Jeff Cohn is the CEO of KW Elite and Elite Real Estate Systems, and the host of the Team Building Podcast.

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