Jeff Cohn On The #1 Regret Of Top-Level Investors

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One of the biggest issues we have in our conversation about success is that it’s too business and money-focused. How can we build more effective businesses, while ensuring our drive for wealth doesn’t take over other aspects of our lives?

What are some of the common regrets of top-level investors?

On this episode, founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Elite Real Estate Systems and host of the Team Building Podcast, Jeff Cohn shares insights on how to build a successful life in all areas.

Remember that it’s not all about money. To be truly successful, you have to be winning in the personal, spiritual and physical areas of your life. -Jeff Cohn

3 Things We Learned

To build passive income, we shouldn’t just focus on flips

Flipping is exciting but it doesn’t create generational wealth. In fact, something most top-level investors can agree on is their regret for not holding onto their own properties. Rather than concentrating all our efforts on flipping homes, hold onto them as rental properties.

We become more effective at using time when we leverage

As business owners, we want to be able to step away from our companies and still see growth. To do this, we need to hire people to perform certain activities, so we don’t have to.

Pay attention to your purpose

Success is about more than financial gain. Our family life, health and spirituality all require our attention. It’s important to refocus on what motivated us to become successful in the first place. If we find we’re spending too much time and energy on making money, it may be time to slow down.

Real estate is the best industry to build wealth – and if we start thinking differently about how to make money in the industry, the opportunities become abundant. Our goal should be to build businesses we can step away from. Allowing us to make money without trading in our most valuable asset – time.

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