How An Analytical Mindset Created Success for Jeff Cohn in Omaha, NE

Real Estate

In this episode of Driven, we take a ride with Jeff Cohn as he shows off the power of analytics (and an investigative mind) when running a real estate team.

Jeff Cohn owns and runs Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group. Last year, they were the #2 team in Berkshire Hathaway worldwide. They closed 600+ sides last year, and they plan on closing 750 this year. So, what’s driving the ambitious goals and high success rate? An investigative mindset. Jeff will be the first to tell you he is an analytics kind of guy, but don’t let the word scare you. He keeps his goal top of mind in every business decision and when he implements a new strategy or technology, he measures the impact it’ll have on the goal. Keeping track of numbers enable smart business decisions, and in this episode of Driven, he discusses what he’s learned.

In this episode of Driven, get ready to hear:

  • His 3 elements for creating a successful real estate team (3 min)
  • Why technology is only a tool. Sometimes the hammer is not the problem, but the guy wielding it. (10 min)
  • His perception on the “value” of a real estate agent (15:30 min)
  • What he learned from employing an expansion model and why he stopped (17 min)
  • The latest adventure with ERS systems and what his goals are (19:30)

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