Tracking Results From Conversations to Close with Jeff Cohn

Real Estate

It’s time to stop guessing. Every new year is another opportunity. We’ll show you how to leverage it with a deeper, more analytical mindset. Specifically, Jeff Cohn’s. He’s spent years turning his business into the #1 team in Nebraska, closing over 700 transactions in 2017 alone.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to track leads from initial contact to closing. In that process, you’ll see which “levers” you can pull to increase results. It’s the perfect lesson if you’ve ever faced obstacles with conversions, business planning, or fine-tuning lead follow-up.

Key Points We’ll Cover

  • The top 4 ways to communicate with active leads, so you convert at the highest level
  • Simple methods to tracking lead spend and methods to ensure profitability
  • How to reverse engineer your prospecting efforts for accurate goal setting
  • Keeping agents productive with proven accountability methods

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