Jeff Cohn: The Secret System To Success

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Jeff Cohn’s team, Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, focuses on the implementation of the latest technology to help maintain the highest level of service to their clients.

Jeff’s group leads with value, not only to the consumer, but to his agents as well. They live by the motto: “Be Elite in all you do!” This started when Jeff was 24 and graduated from college. Diving right into real estate Jeff had one goal in mind, run a real estate team. After starting his team in 2011 Jeff completed 240 transactions in just the first year. Now on track to do over 400 units this year Jeff joins Pat Hiban and shares what systems you should implement in order to go from real estate rookie to real estate rockstar!

What does it take to be a Real Estate Rockstar?

Join us as Jeff shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar and the #1 sales team in Omaha Nebraska!

”Use the assembly line in order to be more successful with the product that you are packaging.” – Jeff Cohn

A Quote To Live By

“Be Elite in Everything You DO!” – Jeff Cohn

In this Episode, We Also Talk About

  • Why you should focus on systems.
  • How to build a real estate assembly line.
  • How to give customers the best experience possible.
  • How to tick like everyone else.
  • What one thing is going to change the real estate industry.
  • Why you need to be elite at everything you do!
  • How to go from broke to millionaire.
  • Plus so much more!

“What’s your closing ratio?” Jeff Cohn

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Instagram: @elite_real_estate_systems

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