Keeping it Real Hangout – Team Building Skills: From 80 to 425 Deals in 3 Years

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Go behind the scenes and learn the systems that propel us to success.

I enjoy giving back to my fellow agents whenever I can. So when I was invited to appear on the live hangout series Keeping it Real, I seized the opportunity to share some of our best systems for team building.

In the interview I cover:

– How I find agents for our team and our value proposition to them.

– Weekly meetings we hold, what we cover and how we align vision.

– Systems we’ve put in place to make sure goals are achieved.

– How we compensate our team members.

– The organizational models of our team and how leads are generated.

Here are the timestamps so you can jump to specific sections of the interview:

(3:08) How I got into the business, and how I worked my sphere to generate a 6-figure income using nothing but a simple spreadsheet

(5:40) How I worked my database in the early days with genuine conversations

(8:40) Step-by-step team building and my CLAPS acronym to build a successful team.

(9:02) Why a transaction coordinator should be your first hire and how much to pay them

(12:42) Monday morning accountability meetings and how our agents report their numbers

(13:40) How to know which activities generate your highest most hourly income

(18:12) Support roles within our team that allow agents to focus on their higheest income activities

(20:35) How to use Marketing Service Agreements to cut your lead gen and marketing costs to zero

(24:53) How we guarantee 30 leads to our agents every month without charging them to be on our team

(28:20) How we structure and organize our team

(32:27) Why a transaction coordinator can give better service to your clients than you

(39:42) Our most productive sources of leads, including a unique Craigslist posting strategy

(45:32) How can calling assistants help you reach your database?

(49:38) The importance of your sphere and how to avoid making it complicated

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