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As a team leader, you’re looking for every advantage in the market, and in our latest Hangout we shared a few high-leverage, low-cost marketing strategies you can implement across your team.

3 Takeaways:

  1. Put every lead through the same structured follow-up process
  2. Offer incentives to your agents to hold Open Houses and follow a proven, repeatable system to promote the Open Houses
  3. Don’t worry about the ROI of low-cost strategies – they all work together so it’s impossible to isolate the ROI of any one tactic

Resources & Links:

Expansion- Learn how you can partner with Elite Real Estate Systems – build your career, start your own satellite team and remove yourself from actively working with clients – all without leaving your current broker.

Team Building Workshop – Spend the day observing these systems in person, including board meetings, Monday Team Meeting, agent one-on-one meetings. Also includes hours of private consulting to create your own custom roadmap to build and exit your real estate team.

Tools & Services – See all the tools, professional services and companies Jeff uses and recommends to help build your real estate team.

People reach out to me all the time, and ask me for my opinion, and I laugh. Everything works, it’s just a matter of working the system. Have a system and work the system. -Jeff Cohn

We began with our Craigslist posting strategy, including what to post, how often, how to outsource the posting work and other details of the posting itself.

Next we talked lead conversion – differences we’ve noticed with Craigslist leads versus other internet leads – including average sale price – why we put them through the same follow up process, and why the key to all lead conversion is follow-up.

We transitioned into Power Notes and how to implement this strategy across your team and hold each agent accountable to 5 Power Notes per day. We talked briefly about ROI: “It’s hard to see an ROI, did that lead convert because you sent them a Power Note? Probably not…I don’t worry about one thing to give credit to, I worry about doing ALL the things necessary to be successful.”

Next we covered our yard sign and IVR strategy, including our experiments with QR codes, text codes and flyer boxes. One of the key points of this section is how we use Coming Soon signs and Sold riders in unconventional ways to generate the maximum number of buyer leads for every listing. We finished up by covering strategies for keeping in touch with past clients through postcards using The Personal Marketing Company, as well as Open House Strategies. Open Houses are one of the least expensive buyer lead generation activities, and it’s worth offering incentives to your agents for every Open House.

We covered a lot of different strategies and tactics in this 30 min Hangout, so take notes and reach out to us with any questions you have. We’re happy to help clarify anything we discussed, or host you at an upcoming Team Building Workshop where you can see these systems in action!

Show Highlights:

1:42 Craigslist – The right way to post listings to get around Craigslist standards on live links

3:14 Posting strategy- How to post about 50% of all listed homes to Craigslist – Outsourcing your CL posting

4:50 Results for Omaha office- 60+ tranx and $400k GCI in 2014 directly from Craigslist

5:10 Differences in converting Craigslist leads vs regular online leads – Why follow up is the key to converting any type of internet lead

7:25 Recent integration of Mojo dialer into Boomtown now makes it even easier to follow up with and convert internet leads

8:25 Power Notes- How to easily set yourself apart with handwritten Thank You notes -How to implement Power Notes across your entire team with accountability

10:38 How do you measure the ROI of Power Notes, moving trucks, text follow up and other marketing strategies?

12:25 Yard sign and IVR strategy of the flagship Omaha office – Flyer box and experiments with/without flyer box – What to include and leave out in the 800# hotline recording

15:10 Why NOT having a flyer box forces people to engage with an agent immediately, and leaves out people who aren’t ready to engage at that moment – Experience with QR codes and text codes (which we no longer offer)

16:20 Strategies to generate the maximum number of buyer leads off each listing – Coming Soon listings and waiting till the last week to put up Sold sign riders

18:16 How we use The Personal Marketing Company to send postcards to all past clients every three months for five years

21:04 Open Houses- One of the least expensive ways to generate buyer leads – Develop an Open House system for your team and execute Open Houses that way every time – Offer an incentive to agents on your team who run Open Houses

Join us on the next Elite Real Estate Systems Hangout where we’ll share more unconventional systems and strategies for expanding your real estate team.

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