NFC & QR Codes: Powerful Digital Marketing Tools For Real Estate

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The same technology that powers modern hotel key cards and contactless card payments, can be a huge boost to our real estate branding and marketing.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a powerful technology that has multiple applications, many of which can improve our customer experience and networking.

From business meetings, lead generation and home showings, NFC can be a huge game changer for us. If we unlock the applications of this technology marketing tool, we can bring more value to the table.

How does NFC work, and what are the ways we can apply it in our businesses? In this episode, real estate technology innovator and CEO of VRLY, Tyler Irons shares why NFC is such a powerful tool for our industry.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The VRLY NFC sticker can be attached to the exterior of your phone, and when people use their NFC reader on their phones, it will send them to a site of our choosing or a digital business card.
  • NFC technology can be used to make the home showing process more interactive for potential buyers. NFC stickers can be placed on different areas of a home, and they can be linked to pages with relevant information.
  • The NFC reader on Android phones is located in the middle of the phone and it needs to be switched on. On iPhones, the reader is on by default and it is located in the area next to the camera lenses.

It’s critical to create a seamless link between what we do online and what we do offline. We need to have consistency in our digital and in-person branding.

Technologies like QR codes not only make this process easier on our end, they also help us deliver a better customer experience.

QR codes can be the perfect tool for capturing leads, giving the consumer vital information in real time, and elevating our open houses.

What are some of the most valuable applications of QR codes for real estate teams and agents? In the second half of our double feature episode, Tyler Irons shares some of the creative and strategic ways to use QR codes in our businesses.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Agents often use flyers to distribute information, but they aren’t completely weather-proof. We can use QR codes to redirect people to the same information, which is more effective and less wasteful.
  • QR codes make the process of getting information more seamless for the consumer. All they need to do is open up their cameras, hover over the QR code and wait for a notification that takes them to the webpage we want to send them to.
  • QR codes can be applied and integrated in just about every aspect of buying and selling real estate. We can integrate them into a physical open house so it can be more interactive and showcase special features of the home.

Guest Bio-

Tyler Irons is an American entrepreneur, real estate technology innovator, real estate marketing expert, speaker, internet personality, and Consultant. He is the Founder of the Real Estate technology software company VRLY.

Tyler founded VRLY with a simple goal: to help their partners dominate their digital presence, leverage technology to recruit agents and win more listings.

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