How to Use Craigslist for Lead Generation w/ Alberto Mejia

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Craigslist is often overlooked by agents as a lead generation source, but it’s a great candidate for generating leads affordably. In fact, Craigslist posts often convert just as well as typical Facebook or Google Ads. In a time like this where we’re looking for ways to pivot and shift our businesses, Craigslist is a worthy option to create another business stream. How can we start using Craigslist as a lead generation source? How can we build systems that leverage Craigslist lead generation?

On this episode, Founder and Owner of Just Realty List, Alberto Mejia shares how to use Craigslist as the ultimate lead source.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Why Craigslist leads need patience
    Craigslist posts can take longer to convert, but they offer a massive return on investment. Use the platform as a powerful, cost-effective tool.
  • How to bring leverage to Craigslist lead generation
    Instead of handling Craigslist posts ourselves, we can outsource them. Just Reality List can post on our behalf – all we need is a dedicated computer with TeamViewer installed.
  • A common misconception about Craigslist leads
    A lot of agents tend to think homes listed on Craigslist are lower-priced properties, but that’s not the case. Use the platform to post houses at any price point.

Guest Bio-

Alberto Mejia is the Founder and Owner of Just Realty List. For the past 10 years, Alberto and his team have assisted real estate agents with Craigslist postings, helping them get a massive ROI. While based in the Dominican Republic, Alberto and his team can work remotely – and today they serve over 50 top teams across the US and Canada.

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