Agents Have No Real Reason to Cry About the Market…Here’s Why with Chris Watters & Scott Sillari

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If you’re listening to the media messaging around the real estate market, it’s impossible to sell a ton of homes right now. As a result, there are a lot of agents complaining, crying and even thinking of throwing in the towel, but in many markets homes are still selling and inventory is even up.

In any so-called down market, there are agents who maintain a high level of production…why can’t it be you and your agents?

We can choose to ignore the negative voices and hit our goals or use them as an excuse not to work hard. How do we make the obvious right choice?

In this episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur, author, and the CEO of Watters International Realty, Chris Watters, and CEO of Real Synch, Scott Sillari to discuss why a lot of the talk about the market is just noise, and what you need to be focusing on.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The one tool that skyrocketed Chris’ lead volume
    How can “middleware” reduce your admin costs and make your team more efficient?
  • What you’re not hearing about the market
    Is it going to be a better market because so many agents are slacking or even opting out of real estate altogether?
  • Why the agent is still the linchpin of the real estate transaction
    How easy is it for tech to replace the value and purpose of a great agent?

Guest Bio

Chris Watters is an entrepreneur, author, and CEO of Watters International Realty. He has been a trusted real estate advisor to over 3000 families across Central Texas for the past 15 years, giving him a level of market expertise that indirectly creates an enormous competitive advantage for his clients.

Watters’ has been recognized by Inc5000, Wall Street Journal, and several local publications as the top broker in Central Texas. His clients are getting their homes sold for up to $50,000 more than the average agent. Chris holds multiple advisory roles in technology and real estate investment companies. His personal goal is helping to create positive and lasting change to enhance the consumer experience. 

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Scott Sillari is the CEO of Real Synch, a real estate workflow automation software company. Built-in collaboration with residential real estate brokers and teams, Real Synch uses tailored integrations and automation to help teams of all sizes save time, lower costs, and lose the headaches of working within multiple systems.

Scott is a residential real estate pro with 10+ years of sales and business development success, selling marketing and integration services to thousands of Real Estate teams all around the world. 

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