Are You Relevant or Replaceable? How to Survive the Biggest Real Estate Shift In 100 Years

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Real estate is changing faster than anyone anticipated, and in the next 36 months, the industry will be unrecognizable. As tech encroaches on the model we’ve enjoyed for almost a century, what can agents do to survive?

Our survival in the face of tech disruption is the most important conversation teams and brokerages need to be having right now. If we’re not actively thinking about our survival, we’re going to be dead in the water in a matter of months.

How do we get ahead of the tectonic shifts headed for real estate? What opportunities can platforms like Zillow, Redfin and Opendoor offer?

In today’s episode, entrepreneur, author and CEO of Watters International Realty, Chris Watters joins us to share the only way out of getting replaced by tech.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why real estate as we know it is about to be over
    How will tech affect the traditional real estate model we’ve enjoyed for decades?
  • The tech opportunity most agents are missing out on
    How is one agent generating motivated leads and making 6 figures without spending a single marketing dollar, or doing any showings?
  • How to expand your business without getting distracted
    The brokerage of the future will survive on ancillary businesses. Can team leaders run ancillary businesses without losing focus?

Guest Bio-

Mr. Watters has been a trusted real estate advisor to over 3000 families across Central Texas for the past 15 years. Giving him a level of market expertise that indirectly creates an enormous competitive advantage for his clients. Watters’ has been recognized by Inc5000, Wall Street Journal, and several local publications as the top broker in Central Texas. His clients are getting their homes sold for up to $50,000 more than the average agent.

Christopher Watters is a central Texas native. His extensive knowledge has proven invaluable to his clients looking for the inside scoop when relocating to Central Texas. In 2010, he founded his own practice, Watters International Realty. In 2015, he began to open branches across Texas and North America, duplicating his success in new markets partnering with local market experts and leaders.

Mr. Watters holds multiple advisory roles in technology and real estate investment companies. His personal goal is helping to create positive and lasting change to enhance the consumer experience. Watters is a graduate of Texas State University where he studied Business Administration in Finance.

For more information, follow @christopherwatters on Instagram or get in touch with him on Facebook.

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