The Hassle-Free Way to Staff Your Team with High Performers with Gwenn Aspen

Team Building Podcast

For business owners, finding high-performing employees is always a struggle. Tapping into the wider talent pool through remote work is a highly effective strategy. Most people associate virtual staffing with basic, rudimentary tasks, but there’s a lot more to it.

How do we access a pool of A+ talent, how do we train them and set them up for success?

In this episode, the founder and CEO of Anequim, Gwenn Aspen shares how to overcome the talent pain point in our businesses.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to build a super productive team
    How do we find professionals who can help us run whole business units?
  • The power of the job description
    How do we set up a high standard before someone even starts the job?
  • How to make your life easier through leverage
    Do we need to have perfect processes and procedures before we make a hire?

Guest Bio

Gwenn Aspen is a speaker, the founder and CEO of Anequim, and co-host of the Bootstrappers Podcast. In 2008, Gwenn and Jeremy Aspen hired their first remote employee — a friend and past colleague from Mexico — to help with calls via VOIP phone for their property management business. The support from this first virtual assistant helped them provide better customer service, allowing them to grow faster than ever before. By 2015, they had 26 remote professionals on board and were inspired to help more businesses like theirs.

This led to the birth of Anequim in 2016. With direct experience in hiring, training, and developing remote professionals, they crafted processes and procedures for virtual assistant programs that now provide services to businesses in the US & Canada. Anequim has become one of the largest remote professional employers in Mexico with employees helping customers across various industries.

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