Brokerages vs. Teams: Which Real Estate Business Model is Positioned for the Future w/Dan Holt

Team Building Podcast

Teams and brokerages have always been viewed as two ends of the real estate spectrum, but our concerns are more aligned than we think.

Market cycles aren’t the only thing today’s leaders need to be worried about. Agents go through cycles too, and if our operations and business models aren’t evolving along with them, the future is uncertain, whether you lead a team or a brokerage

What are the three types of agents brokerages and teams need to be able to cater to? How do we become the solution to all agents regardless of where they are in their careers?

In this episode, I’m joined by owner/founder of Holt Homes and the regional director of KellerWilliams mid-America, Dan Holt. We talk about the future of real estate business models, and how to get ahead of the curve.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to be a better real estate leader
    The people we’re in business with can make or break us. Why do we make business easier when we put great people around us?
  • The secret to high production
    How did Dan Holt build a high-production team where agents outearn their market competitors?
  • What the future holds for teams and brokerages
    Agents go through life cycles, and the teams that stay relevant evolve with them. How can we make sure we’re keeping up with the growth of our agents?

Guest Bio

Dan Holt is the owner/founder of Holt Homes and the regional director of KellerWilliams mid-America. He leads 23 market centers, 17 operating principles and over 4000 agents. Dan entered the real estate industry in 1999 and began by building homes. He learned the market and began to grow his team through other real estate professionals who desired to be number one just like himself.

Dan attributes his success in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace to his unique Team Partnership concept.

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